$MNTI 100% minted

Thanks to the community, MintInsides’s $MNTI tokens is now 100% minted. As a consequence, investors are not anymore able to buy $MNTI directly on Mint.club, because the bonding curve is now finished.

To ensure further transactions with $MNTI, the team has as planned created a LP for $MNTI in pair with $MINT. Please find all relevant information as below.

How to Trade $MNTI

Connect with your wallet on the BSC network with PancakeSwap and verify the use for $MNTI and if needed also for $MINT.

When you follow the link you will see that the input currency is set as BNB. Due to the fact that the LP pool is $MNTI-$MINT you will need to change BNB to $MINT to swap to $MNTI.

Press the Logo of BNB to see other tokens and input the address of $MINT into the search field.

  • $MINT address: 0x1f3Af095CDa17d63cad238358837321e95FC5915

If this is the first time, you will get also a prompt to verify MINT token. Otherwise just change the input token to MINT.

Now you will see $MINT as the input Currency and MNTI as output currency. MintInside.net has prepared in total 10% of the max supply (10,000 $MNTI) as LP.